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Apr 08, 2016

How can medical professionals determine if a refrigerated vaccine has been kept at recommended temperatures? One way is to check cold chain temperature logs. When those are not available, the 'Shake Test' is an easy way to determine if a vaccine has been jeopardized.


8 IoT initiatives solution providers should have on their radar.

These “jaw dropping” facts will change your mind about the Internet of Things.

New survey shows that the management of connected devices presents the biggest challenge for introducing IoT solutions into an organization.

TechCrunch shares an insider’s handbook for IoT startups.

Pharma Safety + Zika Virus

China is fighting to stop panic among parents after the illegal storage and distribution of vaccines. This scandal could lead to millions of families neglecting to get their children vaccinated.

A new Ebola case has been confirmed in Liberia. Here’s why the WHO responded differently to Zika and Ebola.

Whether you believe in it or not, here’s why anti-vaccine myths never truly die.

Food Safety

The FDA releases its final FSMA rule to ensure food safety during transport.

Minneapolis employs multilingual inspectors to translate kitchen safety information for immigrant restaurateurs.

Advocates of plant-based protein sources say the risks of pathogens and other health problems is much lower with consumption of meat substitutes than with real meat.

Many companies need to prepare for FSMA compliance by September, yet three out of four only consider themselves “somewhat ready”, according to a recent survey of about 400 food companies.

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