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Apr 15, 2016

A 2015 Business Insider forecast looking at enterprise, home and government IoT markets found that Enterprise IoT will be the largest market. Authors indicated that 23.3 billion IoT devices will be connected by 2019 across all sectors. How can you ensure your connected enterprise is safe? Independent networks.

Food Safety

The four men in federal prison for their crimes involving the Peanut Corporation of America and a deadly Salmonella outbreak won’t have to pay any restitution to their victims.

University of Illinois researchers studied the ability of pathogenic viruses to adhere to fresh produce in an effort to reduce foodborne illness outbreaks. Here’s an overview of the foods most likely to cause foodborne illnesses.

A new yeast & mold test for dairy products promises to produce results in less than 4 hours. Current plate count methods often take a minimum of 5 days to get a result, sometimes longer.

Today, April 15th, is the last day to register for discounted passes to the Food Safety Summit in Chicago.

Pharma Safety

“Mesa Consortium” become a research hub for new human vaccines project.

3 more Chinese pharmaceutical companies were added to FDA import alert lists for failing to meet GMP standards. There are now 44 Chinese companies on the list.

In other public health news from China, authorities announced Wednesday that 357 officials will face punishment over the illegal vaccine scandal.

Starting Sunday, more than 150 countries and territories will switch to a new oral polio vaccine. It will be the first worldwide vaccine change ever attempted.

DARPA says it wants ‘shape-shifting’ vaccines that will evolve with viruses.


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