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Apr 22, 2016

The FDA has been releasing final FSMA rules to govern various links in the food safety chain since 2015. Their latest announcement, the sixth set of rules, covers food transportation safety.


The IoT devices you deploy may be Trojan horses. One way to keep your network secure and safe is to use cellular technology.

The Internet of Things is poised to explode, but there are certainly some issues that an increasingly connected world brings. Here are the most talked about issues.

Is fog computing the next big thing in IoT?

Using IoT for good: Beacon of Hope project to help fight human trafficking.

Pharma Safety

China’s immunization program faces a backlash of distrust, threatening public faith in immunizations. On top of that, angry parents who congregated at Beijing’s National Health and Family Planning Commission this week have complained of intimidation and arbitrary arrest by security officials.

The WHO says that China's proposals to impose tougher rules over its vaccine market will help stamp out illegal behavior and strengthen oversight, but will be "complex" to implement.

Senate democrats are tweaking their request for Zika funding amid a battle with Republicans. They’re still asking for $1.9 billion, but are shifting more money into vaccine research.

Food Safety

It's time to break the pencil: what employees need to know about monitoring food safety issues.

The next generation of rapid lab tests is helping doctors diagnose and treat foodborne illnesses faster than ever, but health officials are concerned increasing use of the tests is decreasing their ability to detect and investigate outbreaks.

USDA announces $4.7M available in grants for food safety training, outreach, and technical assistance.

With the most extensive food safety regulations in history set to take effect soon, state agriculture officials across the country are preparing to enforce the federal law, but say their ability to inspect farms and enforce the new standards depends on the receipt of promised federal funds.

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