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May 20, 2016

Zika has been a featured news story every week since the CDC issued a first-of-its-kind travel alert back in January 2016. We’ve previously discussed the importance of strengthening the cold chain ahead of the discovery of a vaccine, but what is the Zika virus and why is funding for prevention and treatment programs critical?


Is the Internet of Things (IoT) the same as Industrial IoT (IIoT)? Yes and no.

As IoT grows, it’s important to understand the impact on data centers. Additionally, security ‘guru’ Josh Corman, founder of, warns that sloppy security in IoT is putting 'life and limb' at risk.

John Deere is taking IoT out into the field by developing new technologies and embracing existing ones to boost the efficiency of prepping, planting, feeding and harvesting with the goal of improving per-acre crop yields.

Pharmacy Safety

An international research effort to identify potential drug compounds to combat the Zika virus will turn a network of volunteers' personal computers, phones and tablets into a virtual supercomputer that can speedily process millions of calculations. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as the House and Senate continue to battle over how much funding to allocate to Zika research, prevention, and treatment.

Ontario parents might be required to take an immunization class if they want their child exempted from vaccinations. On the fence about the effectiveness of vaccines? New data published in PLOS One indicates a 71% drop in hospitalizations since the introduction of the Rotavirus vaccine.

Food Safety

Advances in science and technology are combining with legislative and regulatory changes to usher in a new era of food safety programs. One program getting a lot of attention is the Equitable Food Initiative, which puts farmworkers front and center since they’re the first line of defense in the battle against food borne illnesses.

Think food safety is not that big of a deal? Here’s the cost of a sick customer. Similarly, you might want to hold off visiting the taco truck for lunch tomorrow. The LA Times explores the ‘dark side’ of food trucks.

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