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Jun 17, 2016

haccp connected insights

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) employs 7 different principles. As an organization, which one speaks to you?


At LiveWorx 2016, a customer panel shed light on why they are pursuing IoT. And while most are in agreement that IoT is going to fundamentally shift the way companies operate, it’s important to understand the opportunities as well as the challenges.

The FTC wants in on the IoT dialogue to give consumers meaningful notice and choice about the collection and use of their data. Government action at national and international levels is crucial, but the relevant expertise is lacking.

Pharmacy Safety

Scientists at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research are conducting preclinical research on a Zika vaccine candidate. Simultaneously, Democratic Representative and U.S. Senate hopeful Patrick Murphy introduced a bill to provide resources to local governments to fight the spread of Zika.

The FDA approved PaxVax’s oral cholera vaccine, making it the first licensed cholera vaccine in the U.S. and the only single-dose cholera vaccine worldwide.

Food Safety

A government watchdog issued a report claiming that the FDA is too slow to order food recalls. How can the feds improve food safety?

U.N. officials say food safety is entwined with food security; that food safety is a shared responsibility involving consumers, regulators, lawmakers and the food industry. In the interim, an electronic bacteria sensor could be a future tool for ensuring food safety. 

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