Safetemps Digital Health Screening and Reporting

Ensure the safety of your employees as they return to the office environment using a scalable and cost effective solution designed for organizations with multiple locations and geographies.

Actionable, Enterprise Visibility

Executive Leaders
Receive enterprise reporting on the number of employees screened and those denied entry.
HR Departments
Track at-risk employees with
real-time email notifications.
Managers and Supervisors
Monitor the wellness of all your employees at the start of each work day or shift.

Safetemps Enables Data-Driven Insights

The Safetemps solution is designed for any company or leader looking to make informed, data-driven decisions about their workforce and operations in real time. All via a single, easy-to-use IoT solution. The Safetemps employee digital health screening solution leverages a digital checklist, enterprise reporting tools, and the option for touchless infrared thermometers. Safetemps works seamlessly with SmartSense or as a standalone solution.

SafeTemps Employee Testing

Reopen Confidently

  • Blue Check

    Employee Screening
    Screen with a ready-to-use, questionnaire that will identify individuals that are at-risk and should be denied entry.

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    Enterprise Reporting
    Make data-driven decisions about the wellness of your team using reporting tools and email notifications.
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    Infrared Thermometer

    Use an optional touchless thermometer or fingertip pulse oximeter to identify hidden symptoms.

Download Safetemps from the iOS storeDownload Safetemps from the Google Play store

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