SmartSense for Retail Pharmacies

Chain store pharmacy retailers like Walmart and Rexall leverage SmartSense’s IoT platform to remove the pain point of cumbersome, manual temperature-checking procedures and transition to a modern, continuous, automated monitoring solution.  

Video: Rexall Testimonial

Video: Walmart Testimonial

80K+ sites continuously monitored

SmartSense by Digi manages more than 80K+ sites for leading brands in healthcare, retail, food service, education, and transportation and logistics.

At Rite Aid, we are always looking for ways to strengthen our already rigorous quality assurance procedures and safety measures, so we saw value in a continuous remote monitoring system for our refrigerated pharmaceuticals and vaccines. We chose SmartSense because we wanted an experienced partner that shared our commitment to safety.


Operations Manager

Rite Aid

One of the biggest benefits of the SmartSense solution is the long-term ability to see the history of the assets we’ve invested in. Having insight into the reliability of refrigerator brand A versus band B, or model A versus model B, and being able to supply that information to the business has allowed us to make better long-term decisions as we replace our assets. There’s a lot of power in knowing that you’re making the right investment.

Daryl Blackmore, Head of Asset Protection