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Scalable IoT Solutions for Monitoring Critical Environments

SmartSense by Digi is the global leader in designing highly-scalable IoT solutions for food and pharmacy safety, facility monitoring, and supply chain visibility.

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Quickly deploy customer-proven monitoring solutions to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency.


The SmartSense dashboard provides real-time and centralized oversight of prioritized alerts, reports, logs, and performance of your multisite deployments.

Wireless Sensors

SmartSense sensors include wire-free installation, 5-year battery life, and store and forward technology to ensure continuous monitoring, even during power outages.

Bluetooth Probe

SmartSense temperature probes enable digitization of HACCP compliance and other repeatable operational tasks and checklists.

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“We’re identifying issues we didn’t even know we had.”

Whether it’s a few sensors at a pilot location or an enterprise-wide deployment like Schnuck Markets, our IoT solutions can adapt to your needs and keep pace with your growth. With our onboarding solutions you’ll be able to implement complex IoT networks quickly and confidently.

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Healthcare / Pharmacy

Helping Walgreens to Automate Compliance

Pharmacy retailers like Walgreens face compliance regulations that require around-the-clock monitoring at 15-minute intervals, automated reports for regulators and inspectors, and NIST-certified sensors.

Remote monitoring and alerting systems from SmartSense help leading brands like Walgreens meet quality control requirements with greater ease. Learn more.

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Food Service / QSR

Providing Taco John’s Best-In-Class Monitoring

Taco John’s implemented our state-of-the-art IoT solution to automate food temperature monitoring and task logging to simplify franchise operations while ensuring public health compliance.

SmartSense digital checklists enable Taco John’s managers to increase operational efficiency and focus more time on food quality and guest experience. Learn more.

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Retail / Grocery

Saving Festival Foods on Labor Costs

When Festival Foods needed continuous monitoring for their grocery stores, they chose SmartSense to provide immediate sensor-driven data to bring visibility and actionable insight into their retail operations.

As a result, Festival Foods realized a 300% ROI by reducing employee labor costs and decreasing product loss, saving $3 for every dollar invested in the SmartSense platform. Learn more.

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