Jollibee Stays a Step Ahead on Food Safety and Quality with SmartSense

Jollibee's mission is to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. As they grow their business in North America, maintaining food safety and quality is imperative to satisfying new customers. Jollibee chose SmartSense as a partner to automate their condition monitoring systems. Real-time alerting from the SmartSense solution helps Jollibee stay a step ahead when it comes to equipment repairs and corrective actions.  

[Colleen Celis] Jollibee's mission is to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. As we grow the business here in North America, we serve more customers, so it becomes imperative that we serve them with safe food and high-quality products. Hi, I'm Colleen Celis, Senior Quality Manager for Jollibee North America, which also covers Red Ribbon and Chowking restaurants. As a Senior Quality Manager, my role entails driving food safety through innovations and simplifying systems in our Jollibee restaurants. We recognize the need for innovation and state-of-the-art technology because our thrust is to empower our teams and provide them with the right technology so that they can do their job well. We had to look for a partner that could automate our manual monitoring system. With the Smart Sense system, the company is able to provide us with an automated system that alerts the team and empowers them, and they can give quick corrective actions when they need to.

[Davey Cuenco] SmartSense made our lives way easy. Having the information at the right time, we're able to make decisions snap off fingers and check the stores, what's happening here. Plus, the notifications that we get every time that, “Oh hey, a warmer is not working or a freezer is not working,” it really helps us a lot. You also eliminated some of the unusual trends that some people do, where they would just fill up the checklist at the end of the day, not realizing the importance of what they're supposed to be doing, which is an impact to our customers.

[Larry Mise] We're using SmartSense in getting the product temperature, covering the days and night shift. The SmartSense wireless sensor tracks the actual temperature of our cold storages, and then the SmartSense notifies us if the temperature is beyond the standard, so we can act accordingly. We use also the system in our product traceability, for us to be reminded on our product shelf life and consume-by dates. Being an area manager of Jollibee, I was able to analyze each store performance when it comes to food safety using the SmartSense data, which is readily available in the SmartSense web application. It is very simple and easy to understand.

[Davey Cuenco] It's one of the benefits of using SmartSense, we're able to focus more on talking to people, being at the counter more, being at the dining area more, rather than spending an hour or two hours writing down on the checklist was the temperature of this and write the temperature of that.

[Colleen Celis] We looked up other providers, but we chose SmartSense because they were willing to work with us in customizing what we actually need for our business.

[Larry Mise] The stores we're able to use it without any issues at all. Because of the benefits that we're getting using SmartSense, all our team members were able to understand its importance. So, it's easy to train because of that.

[Colleen Celis] On top of the temperature monitoring, we can include other checklists into the system, like quality checks, shift management, and even safety checks. This helps our team in monitoring their day-to-day activities.

[Davey Cuenco] I believe that the operations leaders, even the marketing, all departments, can use it knowing that they can easily access information from where they're at.

[Colleen Celis] We don't even have to be in the store or actively auditing the store to know what happens in terms of temperature trends and compliance trends.

[Davey Cuenco] Imagine you have to go to the store physically to check what's happening. Like this time, you know it's notification, it's there. It's easy. You can actually just access it everywhere, even in the airport. I would be like, “Let me check my store's performance on this.” There was one time that I already got a notification in my phone that one of my freezer’s temperature went up. By the time that the store called me, I had already called the workers to actually have it repaired. So, imagine being a step ahead all the time.

[Colleen Celis] This is very helpful for us. In fact, even our health inspectors appreciate our use of SmartSense, so really that's helped us in our thrust to ensure food safety and food quality.

80K+ sites continuously monitored

SmartSense by Digi manages more than 80K+ sites for leading brands in healthcare, retail, food service, education, and transportation and logistics.

We needed a vendor that could grow with us and provide added levels of consistency and quality to our solution. SmartSense was the perfect fit. Leveraging IoT-enabled digital checklists will help us stay consistent and efficient as we increase our number of locations.

Tracy Kim, Chief Operating Officer


For us, SmartSense was an immediate win. We saw a decrease in labor costs and the added value and quality of our products was immediately noticeable and contributed to our overall profitability.



Joe Laufenberg, Asset Protection Senior Director

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