Retail innovator Ahold Delhaize has chosen SmartSense to monitor over 1,000 sites for their various pharmacy brands across the U.S. since 2017. The SmartSense solution gives Ahold Delhaize an enterprise view of the safety of its assets and inventory by providing a modern digital pharmacy safety platform, helping management gain peace of mind knowing that their operations are in compliance, equipment is being monitored, and medications are maintaining their efficacy.

In 1800 Albertsons retail pharmacy locations across the U.S. the SmartSense solution protects the efficacy of critical vaccines and medications through continuous temperature monitoring, providing actionable alerts to staff via email, text, or phone call to protect assets around-the-clock. Since 2018, SmartSense and Albertsons have partnered to bring best-in-class service to patients, ensuring the safety of their essential medications.

Operating 600 theaters across the United States and 353 theatres in Europe, AMC is the largest movie theater chain in the world. A long-time customer, AMC has leveraged SmartSense’s capabilities for both temperature monitoring and task management in 61 of its locations since 2017.

Boston Medical Center became a SmartSense customer in 2021, adopting Sensing-as-a-Service monitoring capabilities for its 12 locations to ensure the safety and efficacy of medications and vaccines within cooling assets. A healthcare organization with a rich history of innovation and research excellence, Boston Medical Center stays on the cutting edge of sensing technology to proactively protect its patients and ensure the highest levels of patient satisfaction and wellbeing.

Fortune 20 company Cardinal Health serves as the crucial link between the clinical and operational sides of healthcare. A global distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical and laboratory products, Cardinal Health requires enterprise-level compliance solutions like SmartSense to ensure the viability of the equipment, vaccines, and medications in its distribution supply chain. The SmartSense solution provides end-to-end operational visibility combined with digital escalation procedures to maintain quality control for critical medical products.

Children’s Minnesota – one of the largest freestanding pediatric health systems in the United States, with 2 hospitals, 12 primary care clinics and 6 rehabilitation and nine specialty care sites – is one of SmartSense’s most prominent healthcare and Minnesota-based clients. 

As a medical organization, it’s absolutely critical for Children’s Minnesota to ensure refrigeration units are working effectively and processes are being followed properly. The temperature and performance graphs that SmartSense provides help expedite repairs made by Children’s refrigeration vendor and enabled their logistics team to zero in on which models of refrigeration devices are most reliable, directly informing their purchase decisions.

Since 2016, SmartSense has served CVS as its critical control point monitoring solution at 10,000 store locations. As the largest pharmacy store chain in the U.S., CVS requires the highest level of scalability from its solutions. SmartSense provides peace of mind, ensuring that operations are in compliance, equipment is being monitored, and medications are maintaining their efficacy across the enterprise.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Darden Restaurants is home to memorable brands like Olive Garden, Yard House, The Captial Grille, and more. A SmartSense customer since 2018, Darden deploys continuous temperature monitoring and digital task management across 1,500 restaurant locations to protect its critical food assets, maintain compliance with federal food safety guidelines, and improve employee productivity and satisfaction. 

With operations on four continents, serving half a billion guests a year, Delaware North is one of the leading culinary and hospitality companies in the world. SmartSense helps Delaware North serve up exactly what their fans crave by supporting food quality and freshness through continuous critical control point monitoring. Since 2018, Delaware North has proudly leveraged the SmartSense solution across 30 sites.

Dig Inn opened their first restaurant in New York City in 2011 and now operates 30 restaurants in the New York and Boston area. Every decision made at Dig Inn starts with a deep respect for ingredients and where they come from. Their recipe development process always involves a conversation between chef and grower with intention on what they want to cook and harvest. Dig Inn works one-on-one with 102 farmers and partners to bring those recipes to life, planning crops specifically for their menus. They buy from minority-run and small-scale farms, using their purchasing power to support sustainable growing practices and invest in the future of farming. Dig Inn’s own farm in Upstate New York connects chefs in their kitchens to produce where it’s grown. 

Dig Inn has been a SmartSense customer for several years, and in 2022 they became the first SmartSense customer to move to an asset-based model, providing them with a worry-free solution for asset protection and digitized task management that includes a tech stack refresh, installation/onboarding, ongoing engagement with a Customer Success Manager, and a 3-year warranty.

Essentia Health is an integrated healthcare system with facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. SmartSense helps Essential Health achieve its mission to make a healthy difference in people’s lives by ensuring the integrity of vaccines, medicines, lab samples, dietary and many other critical inventory items.

Before deploying SmartSense, associates at each of Festival Foods' 32 stores were recording critical measurements for every refrigerated case twice a day on paper logs. All that activity added up to 9 hours of work per week, per store. The paper logs provided no visibility into the state of store refrigeration or the quality of the valuable food assets inside each case. At the corporate level, neither the food safety team nor the asset protection folks were getting much value from this antiquated process. Partnering with SmartSense was an immediate win for Festival Foods. The savings on labor and improvements in quality increased the profitability of their stores. Both the asset protection leadership and food safety leadership at Festival Foods agreed that SmartSense was a great business partner—helping them get out ahead of excursions, act before refrigeration failures, and even solve operations problems that fall outside of food safety. 

Festival Foods and SmartSense look forward to many more years of partnership going forward as they work together to increase collaboration between the food safety and operations teams, building an integrated approach to food safety and asset protection that impacts results at the store level.

At Fresh Thyme Markets, providing fresh, healthy food for customers is an obsession. Starting in 2021, Fresh Thyme partnered with SmartSense to leverage the continuous asset monitoring and task management capabilities of connected IoT to help them guarantee the freshest, best-tasting groceries for their customers. The SmartSense solution is working continuously on behalf of Fresh Thyme customers at 71 locations across the U.S. Midwest. 


SmartSense protects Giant Eagle’s 215 pharmacies and provides digital task management for its 175 grocery properties and 92 convenience stores. With the latest phase of IoT deployment including 32,000 new SmartSense digital temperature monitoring devices to remotely, automatically and continuously monitor its critical food assets, Giant Eagle reaffirms its commitment to providing guests with the highest levels of food safety and quality. 

Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle is one of the nation’s largest food retailers and distributors, with approximately $10 billion in annual sales. Recognizing the competitive and cost-saving advantage of utilizing digital technology, its walk-ins, chillers and refrigerators across all applicable supermarkets now include the SmartSense system which, installing in minutes, combines wireless sensors, food probes, digital checklists and remote monitoring software and analytics tools. All features and functions are accessible via a single compliance monitoring dashboard and mobile app to give a holistic view of operations at every level. The results are actionable insights that drive quality control, employee productivity and food safety compliance.

Connecticut's most comprehensive health care network, Hartford Healthcare touches 17,000 lives each and every day. To ensure the safety and quality of the medications and vaccines those patients receive, Hartford Healthcare chooses SmartSense to monitor the conditions in which they are stored. Deployed in 5 locations, SmartSense asset monitoring works 24/7 to defend Hartford Healthcare’s patients from incidents that could lead to product safety risk.

HCA Healthcare has been a SmartSense customer since 2018, leveraging the IoT-based solution at 850+ clinics to standardize their corporate SOPs across their physicians' network. The uniform system is easily implemented as HCA acquires additional care providers, featuring easy self-install and cellular based gateways that don’t touch hospital servers. SmartSense helps HCA save inventory and provides automated reporting and enterprise visibility that makes regulatory compliance easy for leadership to manage.

Founded in 1957 by Harry J. Hoenselaar, The Honey Baked Ham Company offers high quality bone-in smoked ham at groceries across the U.S. and in 492 of its own retail stores. In 2018, the company became a customer of SmartSense, deploying the IoT leader’s monitoring technology throughout 203 of its locations to protect the integrity of its most important asset— The World’s Best Ham™. 


SmartSense serves two different franchise operations with food-safety-enhancing temperature monitoring and employee-productivity-inducing task management. A customer since 2017, one Hooter’s franchisee deploys SmartSense at 34 restaurant sites. Another, in 17 locations since 2018. SmartSense has helped franchisee owners differentiate their stores by operating with the highest quality, IoT-backed digital food safety tools. 


In 2019, Houston Independent School District selected SmartSense as its HACCP management solution for its school nutrition department. The SmartSense monitoring platform coupled with its flow of food and menu management capabilities ensure compliance and food safety across dining sites for the K-12 school district. School nutrition leadership at Houston ISD now have district-wide visibility into the state of their assets and critical inventory. Access to real-time data gives them the ability to make informed decisions that positively impact the nutritional outcomes of their student population.

One of the most recognizable travel retailers in North America, Hudson News enhances customer experience for over 300,000 travelers each day. To ensure the highest quality experience for the tourists, business commuters, and adventurers they serve, Hudson News has chosen SmartSense to monitor the freshness of its products at 410 of its locations since 2019. A weary traveler deserves nothing less than the freshest.


SmartSense has been the critical asset monitoring and food safety solution for Jefferson County Public Schools since 2017. Every school in the district uses SmartSense to ensure the safety of breakfasts and lunches for the 96,000-strong student population. The SmartSense solution increases compliance visibility and improves staff productivity across schools so School Nutrition staff can have peace of mind knowing that their food safety operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

In 2021, Jollibee Foods amplified its commitment to the highest standard of quality as it rapidly expands its footprint by adopting digital HACCP and temperature monitoring solutions from SmartSense. Now deployed in more than 100 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada, state-of-the-art sensors and digital task management tools from SmartSense ensure the highest quality of food and safety at all Jollibee, Chowking, and Red Ribbon stores.

With over 75,000 employees, McKesson focuses on improving care one patient at a time—at scale. SmartSense has partnered with McKesson since 2018 to help support the realization of the mission to methodically improve patient outcomes. The connected IoT solution can be found in 210 McKesson pharmacy locations across Canada. Streamlining compliance with one comprehensive pharmacy monitoring solution allows McKesson employees to focus their time and attention on patients instead of completing monotonous paper-based processes.

Meijer, the family-owned and privately held Grand Rapids, Michigan-based retailer that operates over 500 locations throughout the U.S. Midwest, started a partnership with SmartSense in 2020 to deploy continuous critical asset monitoring combined with digital task management to increase visibility into performance throughout their operations. Meijer became a customer after a successful initial rollout that demonstrated how the SmartSense solution identified excursions that the built-in manufacturer sensors could not detect. With a spirit of collaboration, SmartSense and Meijer have identified each other as key partners with the ability to problem solve together in an effort to improve food safety efforts across the enterprise.

Since 2017, 99 Restaurants has supported their passion to serve with integrated monitoring and task management solutions from SmartSense. 99 Restaurant employees are empowered to spend their time providing exceptional customer service to valued guests across 218 locations with a sensing platform that frees up their labor and makes compliance easy.


RaceTrac, founded in 1934, operates 600+ stores and provides travelers with a wide range of standard convenience store and gasoline products, such as prepackaged foods and beverages. RaceTrac has recently found new profit opportunities in freshly prepared made-to-order food, which requires more discipline around food safety. These fresh food offerings require more process and procedure to ensure quality and safety when compared to prepackaged food. Additionally, RaceTrac manages their own food supply chain, from distribution centers to shipping and logistics, and ending with retail locations. 

Since 2017, RaceTrac partnered with SmartSense to implement three key capabilities: improve food safety with continuous, automated monitoring; gain efficiencies from reduced labor; digitize logs and reports for centralized historical records.

Rite Aid’s mission is to keep their patients safe and healthy. In order to keep this promise of promoting health and wellness of their customers, they needed to guarantee medication efficacy by gaining continuous monitoring of vaccine storage temperatures.  

Rite Aid has embraced IoT to improve their operations in order to save time and money. In 2017, they deployed continuous temperature monitoring from SmartSense in over 4,500 sites, Rite Aid has gained the capability to improve documentation of proper storage temperatures, respond immediately and proactively to temperature excursions, and guarantee medication viability and safety—leading to improved customer safety and reduced product loss. 

Thanks to SmartSense, Rite Aid now has a robust temperature monitoring solution for their pharmacies. They are saving time and money on simplified compliance management, receive real-time alerts when a temperature excursion is detected, and are improving customer safety by guaranteeing medication efficacy.

Schnucks, a grocery store chain located primarily in the St. Louis metro area, is known for their exceptional customer service and wide selection of fresh foods. Upholding this reputation requires careful controls around food safety tasks while maintaining outstanding customer relations. As innovators in the grocery space, Schnucks is continually looking for ways to integrate technology that not only improves their food safety strategy, but also helps employees spend more time with their customers. 

Since 2019, SmartSense has partnered with Schnucks by providing a digital solution that includes critical asset monitoring and task management across all 120 chain locations. Store managers have access to temperature monitoring solutions that guarantee the safety and quality of their perishables. Plus, employees have more time to spend helping individual customers. Thanks to SmartSense, Schnucks has peace of mind knowing that their perishables are being monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their food safety and quality standards are being maintained, all while providing a better customer experience.

In fall of 2020, Schwan's Home Delivery had selected SmartSense’s enterprise monitoring solution in a multiyear deal to ensure consistent food temperatures and quality throughout its warehousing and shipping processes. Schwan's Home Delivery, the largest direct-to-home food delivery provider in the United States, places a high emphasis on food safety by meeting and exceeding USDA regulations. To meet its high standards, the company requires a scalable solution capable of supporting more than 3,400 delivery vehicles and about 300 depots.  

Prior to SmartSense, the Schwan's Home Delivery team relied upon its employees to manually monitor and record temperature­­ conditions in trucks and facilities, including facility visits after hours and on weekends. This lack of real-time monitoring and alerts meant that inventory could become a total loss if a freezer failed or malfunctioned. Additionally, Schwan's Home Delivery detected that some equipment did not accurately measure or display temperature via built-in systems, potentially putting product at risk. Based on projections, Schwan's Home Delivery savings from increased product quality, reduced manual processes and elimination of lost product stemming from these challenges will entirely fund its investment in SmartSense technology

Inspired by an innovative mindset, Sprouts brings health-conscious consumers a full-service grocery shopping experience based on the fresh, organic format of a farmer’s market. That same innovative spirit was at work when Sprouts chose SmartSense in 2018 to provide a task management solution with the capability to improve employee productivity across its 372 locations. By standardizing and optimizing food safety efforts, Sprouts employees across all locations can provide the best service possible while maintaining the freshness of their farm-to-fork products.

Since 2017, SmartSense has been the preferred vendor of Standford Dining Services for IoT-backed continuous monitoring and food safety solutions. Stanford Dining is committed to creating better food for the future and maintaining the highest standards of food safety and sanitation in the dining halls. Dedicated to using industry best practices and enhanced protocols, Stanford Dining maintains an innovative approach by leveraging integrated IoT throughout their operations to automate critical data collection and compliance processes.

Before SmartSense, Trinity Health was spending valuable time maintaining paper logs, which led to lost product. Moving from an antiquated manual process to an automated, continuous monitoring solution improved patient safety and reduced medication loss for the non-profit healthcare system.

Michigan Dining operates twelve on-campus cafés and seven markets, seven residential dining halls, and a catering unit. They emphasize creative, healthy and nutritious foods, international cuisines and sustainability throughout all dining operations. To achieve the award-winning dining experience they strive to deliver, Michigan Health counts on SmartSense as a key partner in bringing the safest, highest quality foods to University of Michigan students. The SmartSense automated monitoring and digital food safety programs ensure that the highest food safety standards and regulatory compliance expectations are being met consistently across the footprint of the Michigan Dining locations.

Before the VA hospital had implemented a digital solution, healthcare managers would check temperatures using pen and paper. These manual methods are error-prone and difficult to reproduce in the case of an audit. VA hospitals can have thousands of individual monitoring points, each requiring in-person temperature checks. Now with SmartSense, wireless sensors continuously and automatically monitor and report on temperature, saving countless hours for healthcare managers. With automated compliance management, this VA hospital has a complete record of temperature performance, simplifying audits and adding an additional layer of liability protection all while reducing distractions from more important routines than hand logging temperatures. 

In addition to varied compliance requirements, SmartSense provides this VA hospital with temperature monitoring for their off-premise facilities and clinics, each with its own set of unique challenges. Many medications, essentially all vaccines, and other temperature sensitive products such as insulin bags and lab samples require tight temperature controls to maintain potency and quality. To ensure patient safety, the hospital must respond efficiently to a temperature excursion, as medications can be compromised in as little as 2 hours. Real-time monitoring enables proactive temperature management, simultaneously preventing loss and improving safety. 

Thanks to SmartSense, this VA hospital has peace of mind knowing that they are prepared for an unexpected audit. Additionally, their veterans are in better care now that each one of their facilities and clinics are being monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Walgreens became a SmartSense customer in 2018, deploying the IoT solution across its 9,000 locations to ensure the safety of its customers through continuous monitoring of critical medications and vaccines. SmartSense provides an enterprise-grade solution that provides crucial data for compliance and visibility at every level—from store management to the corner office.

Starting in 2018, SmartSense helped Walmart remove the pain point of cumbersome, manual temperature-checking procedures in their pharmacies and transition to a modern, continuous, automated monitoring solution. Deployed across 5,000 locations, the SmartSense solution ensures the safety and compliance of medications in Walmart pharmacies. The cost avoidance triggered by SmartSense has exceeded Walmart leadership’s expectations, proving the effectiveness that the solution provides to enterprise-level retailers looking to improve operational efficiency.

Mid-Atlantic food retailer Weis Markets has trusted SmartSense since 2018 to monitor its critical assets across 131 locations. For Weis Markets, the IoT solution bolsters three key initiatives—food safety compliance, employee productivity, and enterprise visibility. Automatic continuous monitoring makes compliance and compliance reporting streamlined and predictable. Removing paper processes and time-consuming repetitive tasks allows employees to focus their efforts on customer service and satisfaction. An integrated, dashboard-based solution gives leadership visibility into the state of assets across the enterprise at the click of a button. With the SmartSense digital food safety program, Weis Markets’ reputation for value, quality, and service for over 100 years is supported and backed by IoT innovation that can be counted on.

For Wegmans, exceptional food is just the beginning. The privately held grocery chain empowers its customers to live healthy lives filled with safe, quality foods and medicines. One of the ways Wegmans protects its products is by leveraging SmartSense solutions to monitor critical safety conditions across 110 grocery stores and 100 retail pharmacies. A SmartSense customer since 2018, Wegmans trusts SmartSense to help them deliver value and delight their customers with the highest quality products.