Easy NIST Recalibration

Take advantage of the quick and easy NIST recalibration process from SmartSense.
At the time for recalibration, simply replace the certified NIST probe on your sensor.
Never again return a sensor to the manufacturer for recalibration.

80K+ sites continuously monitored

SmartSense by Digi manages more than 80K+ sites for leading brands in healthcare, retail, food service, education, and transportation and logistics.

We researched many providers and the decision to select SmartSense was obvious. Signature Healthcare prides itself on delivering impactful therapeutic outcomes through consistent, high-quality patient care. SmartSense will empower our employees to continue doing exactly that, leveraging advanced data and IoT-enabled asset monitoring to drive critical decision-making. We look forward to working with SmartSense as we work through fire recovery to ensure that patient safety and compliance remains our top priority.

Margaret Clapp, Director of Pharmacy

Signature Healthcare

Before we had SmartSense, we had to travel to multiple locations monthly to collect the information we needed to monitor and manage critical temperature measurements for our Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. Not only did the SmartSense solution eliminate hours of labor gathering data on-site, but it gave our management team confidence in the integrity of the temperature logs, providing them with centralized visibility into the operations across multiple sites.

William Black, Director of Pharmacy

Boston Medical Center