Yelloh! + SmartSense — Joe Lasek Presents Gains in Operational Efficiency

Joe Lasek, Director of Warehouse and Facility Operations at Yelloh!, presents the company's journey with the SmartSense program. He explains the need for an IoT solution and outlines the ways in which SmartSense helps Yelloh! reduce product loss and save on labor and utility costs in an impactful manner. 

80K+ sites continuously monitored

SmartSense by Digi manages more than 80K+ sites for leading brands in healthcare, retail, food service, education, and transportation and logistics.

Our investment into SmartSense is nothing compared to what’s in that cooler. If we get out of temperature and somebody is to get sick, that reflects badly on our brand. With remote temperature monitoring, that gave us a dashboard and visibility into our stores nationwide. SmartSense is an excellent partner. We’ve come to them with ideas or needs that we have. And they have grown their program and met the needs that we have asked for.

Benjamin Pitts

Honey Baked Ham

When we didn’t have SmartSense, we would just wait for the refrigeration to fail and then everything that was in that case was lost. Before SmartSense, my team was blind. Our associates were taking two temperatures a day and making paper logs of sanitizer concentration, cooking temperature, and cooling. Those tasks took about nine hours a week per store. Results were not easily visible to our corporate office. Having this enterprise visibility has really increased the collaboration between the Operations team and the Food Safety team, integrating food safety practices at the store level.

Hsing-Yi Hsieh

Festival Foods