Mission-Driven Impact

We founded SmartSense in 2005 to transform how organizations sense, monitor, and make decisions. It was based on an observation that something fundamental was changing with the way organizations thought about efficiency, quality, and agility. Internet connected sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) were enabling an operational paradigm where real-time information improved efficiency and decision-making.

We set out to enable sensor-driven decisions and to focus on big challenges. We automate monitoring for food and medication safety and compliance, and we monitor critical equipment and tanks for product quality and preventative maintenance. Today we have earned the trust of the most critical government, commercial, and non-profit institutions in the world. Our systems enable real-time sensor-driven decisions at over 2,000 organizations in 75 countries, including at Walmart, CVS Health, SpaceX, Apple, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and the US Department of State.

We believe that HOW you do anything, means everything. We partner with leading organizations, both big and small, to create innovative solutions to their sensor-based challenges. We spend as much time on program management, security, and system support, as we do on product development and innovation. We are motivated to make a positive impact; on our customers, on our employees, and on our world. We are looking for change agents to help create a future defined by insight, agility, and informed decisions.

Our People & Culture

At our headquarters in Boston we have assembled a team that combines leadership in sensor design, cloud computing, data science, and user experience design. At the core of what drives us is a mission to create a future where sensor-driven decisions transform how organizations operate and improve quality of life.

We value practice over theory, simplicity over complexity, teamwork over individual work, and challenge over comfort. 

We're Hiring!

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