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SmartSense was created to use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers protect the assets most critical to the success of their business.

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Monitoring healthcare operations to meet CDC and JCAHO compliance

Keeping your healthcare operations CDC and JCAHO compliant with our condition monitoring solution - so you can focus on saving lives.

pharmacy refridgerator

Enterprise-wide critical asset monitoring and compliance management for high reliability organizations

Ensure CDC and JCAHO compliance with NIST-calibrated temperature monitoring

Centralize reports and log audits for proof-of-temperature performance at HROs

Quickly deploy our wireless condition monitoring solution without IT support or HIPAA concerns

Maintaining Proper Cold Chain for Life-Saving Medications

SmartSense helps Aero Logistics empower employees with easy-to-use compliance tools, exceed their customers expectations.

Because failing is not an option, Vail Health trusts SmartSense

Hear from Vail Health's VP of Facilities Services about why they wish they'd switched to SmartSense sooner.

CVS Protects Several Billion Dollars' Worth of Cold Chain Product

"We needed a top-of-the-line solution to make sure that we had really, really tight monitoring of that inventory to promote the highest levels of patient safety and to make sure we're not losing product unnecessarily."

Trinity Health Medical Group Leverages SmartSense for VFC Compliance

Trinity Health Medical Group uses SmartSense to monitor its refrigeration assets and maintain compliance with the CDC's Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program.

From the pharmacy to the lab, your condition monitoring for CDC and JCAHO compliance is covered

SmartSense protects the largest pharmacies and healthcare facilities in the country, ensuring compliance with The Joint Commission. Our complete solutions allow you to easily follow pharmacy refrigeration compliance and improve efficiency.

Meet JCAHO and CDC requirements for VFC and twice-daily temperature monitoring.

Continuously monitor refrigerated, frozen, and ultra-low holding medications.

Protect priceless research assets, cultures, and other medical samples with condition monitoring for labs.

Ensure safety, quality, and compliance for medicines and meals.

Protect fertility samples with cryo temperature monitoring.

Meets AABB standards with a lab compliance platform for blood products. 

Protect sponsored medical research.

The choice of top healthcare brands

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Streamline compliance and simplify operations

SmartSense is the proven and trusted solution for continuous temperature monitoring of vaccines, medicines, lab samples, dietary and many other critical inventory items.


Answers to common questions

Do you have the ability to alert certain individuals after hours/weekends versus throughout the day?

Yes, SmartSense provides options to assign notifications to different individuals or groups for various times of day. You can also create an escalation schedule for every alarm if the first alert is not acknowledged.

How can I receive alerts when there is a problem at my site?

You can receive alerts via automated phone calls, push notifications from the SmartSense Mobile App, text messages, and email.

What are the different types of alerts I can set up?

You can set up alerts for conditions such as high/low threshold alerts for temperature and humidity, missed reports from a sensor, missed reports from a gateway, missed tasks, low battery, and task completion.

Do you have a mobile app to see the equipment being monitored?

Yes, the SmartSense Mobile App allows you to see the current status of all your equipment assets. You can also view and manage alarms generated from your assets.

How will you remind/notify me when my probes are coming up for recalibration?

All NIST calibration certificates are for a term of 2 years. As your expiration approaches, our team will contact you to ensure a smooth recalibration that does not disrupt monitoring.

Can you print and send me my NIST certificates?

NIST certificates for all of your sensors are available for immediate download within the SmartSense Dashboard.

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Rite Aid Case Study

Rite Aid deploys SmartSense in 2,400 sites to monitor medication efficacy, improve customer safety, and reduce product loss.

Learn more about critical environment monitoring

SmartSense experts will guide you through the considerations in choosing an IoT monitoring solution. 


Pharmacies to Leverage SmartSense by Digi for COVID-19 Vaccine

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The Importance of Temperature Monitoring and Medication Safety and Efficacy

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