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Our customer-proven solutions monitor medications and food inventories for some of the most recognizable names in the industries of healthcare, food service, and transportation, and logistics. See how our solutions adapt to your industry needs.


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SmartSense was created to use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers protect the assets most critical to the success of their business.

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Prevent food loss – get a condition monitoring platform that improves grocery food safety

Harnessing the power of digital decisioning to help you achieve grocery food safety and operational excellence — and ensure your customers enjoy the freshest quality food. We connect the dots between asset protection, food loss prevention, food safety, and grocery store facilities. 

Grocery food loss prevention

Gain greater visibility into your food temperature controls with a remote temp monitoring solution

Protect grocery products with 24/7, real-time critical asset monitoring and management

Transform real-time temperature data into proactive workflows

Increase report accuracy and eliminate paper-based record-keeping — all from one cloud dashboard for grocery temp monitoring

Schnucks Selects Automated IoT-Based Food Safety Monitoring Solution from SmartSense

Schnucks has deployed SmartSense in each of its 115 locations.

Festival Foods Trusts SmartSense to Protect Their People, Profit, and Brand

Partnering with SmartSense was an immediate win for Festival Foods. The savings on labor and improvements in quality increased the profitability of their stores.

Festival Foods — A Food Safety Deep Dive

Hsing-Yi Hsieh, Director of Food Protection & Regulatory Affairs at Festival Foods, explains the evolution of their food safety program and partnership with SmartSense.

The choice for top brands

Solutions for Grocery

Connect and protect your grocery business with SmartSense

SmartSense solutions include all hardware and software necessary for grocery store condition monitoring. Explore how they can be used in your business.

Boost food safety visibility and quality while reducing risk with real-time monitoring that supports HACCP compliance.

Protect products with 24/7, real-time temperature and humidity monitoring that prevents costly food waste.

Ensure proper temperatures while improving end-to-end safety, customer service, and grocery food safety compliance.

Grocery food safety members and collaborators

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Operational visibility for your entire team

Executive Leaders

Easily monitor the performance of every region and store you manage — whether it’s one or 1,000 — all from one intuitive dashboard.

Quality and Safety

Gain insights into compliance and SOPs with highly measurable, instantly verifiable digital task management and equipment monitoring workflows.

Operations and Facilities

Help your team predict service needs and avoid costly equipment failures with continuous equipment monitoring and advanced analytics.


SmartSense contributed to the overall profitability of our stores

Partnering with SmartSense was an immediate win for Festival Foods. Profitability increased with improvement in quality and savings on labor—9 hours of work per week, per store.

Protect onsite assets with SmartSense

“We have been continually impressed with SmartSense’s innovative and intelligent solutions, which have allowed us to strengthen our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest levels of food safety for the communities we serve.”

Vic Vercammen

Vice President of Risk and Chief Compliance Officer

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle chose SmartSense by Digi to monitor:


Grocery Properties




Convenience Stores

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How it Works

Remote monitoring with SmartSense

SmartSense wire-free and battery-backed sensors continuously collect temperature and performance data. Our cellular gateways send this data to our dashboard for alarm management, advanced analytics, and enterprise oversight, all from one temperature and compliance monitoring platform.


Collect Environmental Data

SmartSense wireless B2 and Z Sensors


Add Networking without IT

SmartSense cellular BZ Gateway


Digitize HACCP Checks and Logs

SmartSense digital checklist and Bluetooth Probe


Gain Enterprise Insights and Analytics

SmartSense web and mobile dashboard

Get your system up and running quickly with experts from our SmartSTART implementation team

Streamline monitoring of your grocery operations with SmartSense