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Our customer-proven solutions monitor medications and food inventories for some of the most recognizable names in the industries of healthcare, food service, and transportation, and logistics. See how our solutions adapt to your industry needs.


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SmartSense was created to use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers protect the assets most critical to the success of their business.

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Discover food safety and food loss prevention solutions.

SmartSense food service monitoring is serving up solutions that help your kitchens turn data into strategies while clearing one more task off your plate. Less waste. More taste.

restaurant food safety device

Protect assets and products with enterprise-wide monitoring and management with personalized temp alerts

Improve accuracy with digital HACCP food safety compliance logging and intuitive corrective actions

Avoid costly downtime by predicting equipment issues

Remotely manage food service operations across locations, all from one cloud dashboard

Dig + SmartSense – Ensuring Safe, Healthy Meals on the Go

DIG is modernizing the fast-casual restaurant space by providing healthy veg-forward meals that are made-from-scratch, locally sourced, and easy to consume on-the-go.

Honey Baked Ham Protects Product, Prevents Loss with SmartSense

Honey Baked Ham switched form a manual temperature recording process to an automated food safety solution from SmartSense.

AMC Theaters Simplifies Food Safety Management with Sensing-as-a-Service

AMC Theaters needed a technology-based solution to ensure their food safety systems were being completed and create transparency into operations at the theater and corporate levels.

Jollibee Stays a Step Ahead on Quality with Automated Temperature Monitoring

Jollibee's mission is to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. As they grow their business in North America, maintaining food safety and quality is imperative to satisfying new customers.

honeygrow Strengthens their Food Safety Program with SmartSense

John Paul Thomas, VP of Operations Services at honeygrow, shares how SmartSense helps his team maintain compliance, digitalize their food safety program, and train their employees.

Food service industry memberships and collaborations

We’ve got you covered

SmartSense is trusted by large footprint restaurants, grocery chains, and hospitality brands to simplify compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce operating expense. 


Whether you're running a quick serve or sit-down restaurant, give your staff the tools to master HACCP compliance, prevent food loss, and pass food safety inspections.

From deli counters to floor cases to walk-ins, monitor all your refrigerators and food safety equipment from one dashboard.

Provide the ultimate in convenience for your customers while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety that they expect.

Ensure your guests are enjoying safe, quality food and maintain brand consistency across all facilities.

From kindergarten to senior year, help your students enjoy nutritious cafeteria food with automated menus, real-time HACCP, and temperature monitoring.

Growing minds need safe, high-quality food. Ensure your dining halls are serving meals your students can trust.

Whatever food you're preparing and packaging, maintain the safety and quality of your inventory and finished products across facilities.

Empower your cafeteria staff with the technology they need to easily delight their guests with fresh meals and quality ingredients.

The choice for top brands

Protect onsite and in-transit assets with SmartSense

"Part of our strategy is leveraging technology to make it easy for our team to monitor and comply with regulatory standards. As we plan for a total of 500 locations across North America over the next five to seven years - it gives us great assurance knowing we can rely on SmartSense by Digi not just for the present, but well into the future.

Maribeth Dela Cruz


Jollibee Group North America, Philippine Brands

Jollibee chose SmartSense by Digi to monitor:


Million in Annual Revenue


Restaurants Operational In


States Active In

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Answers to common questions

Do you have a mobile app to see the equipment being monitored?

Yes, the SmartSense Mobile App allows you to see the current status of all your equipment assets. You can also view and manage alarms generated from your assets.

How can I receive alerts when there is a problem at my site?

You can receive alerts via automated phone calls, push notifications from the SmartSense Mobile App, text messages, and email.

What if the cellular gateway does not work at my location? What is the alternative?

SmartSense works with multiple carriers ensuring that the gateways are very robust and will work in most environments. In the case of areas without cellular reception, we offer an Ethernet model.

Do you have the ability to alert certain individuals after hours/weekends versus throughout the day?

Yes, SmartSense provides options to assign notifications to different individuals or groups for various times of day. You can also create an escalation schedule for every alarm if the first alert is not acknowledged.

What is the range between the gateway and the sensor?

Line of sight range for the Z Sensor is 1,000 feet, and the B2 Sensor is 300 feet.

Press Release

Giant Eagle Chooses SmartSense by Digi

One of the nation’s leading retailers deploys 32,000 new SmartSense digital temperature monitoring devices to remotely, automatically and continuously monitor its critical food assets.

Get your system up and running quickly with experts from our SmartSTART implementation team

Dive deeper to learn more about the importance of food safety

SmartSense experts will guide you through the considerations in choosing an IoT monitoring solution.

food service

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Checklists

Food safety is no simple task. From employee training to managing the supply chain, there are many points of failure that can lead to foodborne illness.

food service

Food Safety & Brand Risk

We partnered with Brand Finance, the world's leading brand valuation firm, to develop an independent brand impact analysis report.


Food Safety: Fact or Fiction

Learn more about the 5 common myths about food safety in restaurants.