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SmartSense was created to use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers protect the assets most critical to the success of their business.

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Enterprise remote monitoring for food service operations

Eliminate compliance blind spots with digitized SOPs and logs. Move your equipment maintenance schedule from calendar to a predictive model with SmartSense by Digi.

SmartSense system with waitress and patrons

Improve accuracy with digital HACCP and intuitive corrective actions

Protect product with continuous temperature monitoring and alerting

Predict equipment issues before they happen to avoid costly downtime

Remotely manage multisite operations with one cloud dashboard

We’ve got you covered

SmartSense is trusted by large footprint restaurants, grocery chains, and hospitality brands to simplify compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce operating expense. 


Master your HACCP SOPs, reduce product loss, and simplify inspections. 

Protect your entire chain including deli operations, floor cases, and walk-ins.

Maintain brand consistency and safety across all properties.

Empower your team with easy-to-use digital HACCP and procedures.

Monitor refrigeration equipment, food safety, and even car washes. 

Use automated menus and flow of food to ensure quality and safety. 

Move beyond 'time as a control' and use real-time HACCP and monitoring.

Monitor safety and quality of inventory and finished products in facilities.

Guarantee the quality and safety of food served to your students.  

Empower your teams to work smarter not harder with SmartSense by Digi®


Answers to common questions

What is included in the Annual Monitoring Fee?

Your subscription gives your access to real-time monitoring, incident management, and compliance reporting on the SmartSense Dashboard and Task app.

Do you have a mobile app to see the equipment being monitored?

Yes, the SmartSense Task app allows you to see the current status of all your equipment assets. You can also view and manage alarms generated from your assets.

How can I receive alerts when there is a problem at my site?

You can receive alerts via automated phone calls, push notifications from the SmartSense Task App, text messages, and email.

What if the cellular gateway does not work at my location? What is the alternative?

SmartSense works with multiple carriers ensuring that the gateways are very robust and will work in most environments. In the case of areas without cellular reception, we offer an Ethernet model.

Do you have the ability to alert certain individuals after hours/weekends versus throughout the day?

Yes, SmartSense provides options to assign notifications to different individuals or groups for various times of day. You can also create an escalation schedule for every alarm if the first alert is not acknowledged.

What is the range between the gateway and the sensor?

Line of sight range for the Z Sensor is 1,000 feet, and the B Sensor is 300 feet.

Press Release

Giant Eagle Chooses SmartSense by Digi

One of the nation’s leading retailers deploys 32,000 new SmartSense digital temperature monitoring devices to remotely, automatically and continuously monitor its critical food assets.

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