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SmartSense was created to use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers protect the assets most critical to the success of their business.

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Become the food safety operations master

Monitor food safety and reduce incident risk with real-time operations data for complete visibility. SmartSense by Digi® enables efficient management of HACCP compliance to prevent food safety hazards while reducing shrink and redirecting labor to customer service. 

SmartSense System with salad bar

Automate HACCP compliance and food safety plans

Eliminate food operations errors, paper-based procedures, and manual tasks

Continuously monitor temperature of walk-ins fridges, display cases, and refrigerators

Receive refrigerator, cooler, and freezer temperature alerts whenever there are temperature excursions

Empower your teams to work smarter not hard with SmartSense by Digi®


Digitize food safety compliance to improve safety and redirect labor

The SmartSense system is designed to solve your most important food safety and operational challenges.

The system combines wireless sensors and food probes with remote monitoring software and a digital checklist. The results are actionable insights that drive quality control, employee productivity, and food safety compliance.


SmartSense Sensors are added
to all of your critical assets such as
walk-ins, chillers, and refrigerators.

SmartSense Z Sensor and Refrigeration Units


Convert all of your paper-based
HACCP procedures to
digital checklists and tasks. 

SmartSense Bluetooth Probe and checklist with paper log


Plug and play gateways collect
sensor data 24/7 and send
it to the SmartSense Dashboard.

SmartSense cellular BZ Gateway


Get powerful analytics and
actionable alarms from
the SmartSense Dashboard. 

SmartSense Cloud Dashboard

The SmartSense Difference

See what a difference it makes when you have timely access to digital logs, integrated reports, and actionable alerts with our food safety and compliance monitoring dashboard and mobile app.

Proactive insights

Gain visibility with above store reports for equipment monitoring and standard procedures.

Compliance visibility & efficiency

Meet HACCP and FSMA requirements. Peer into site performance for improved accountability and risk management.

Collaborative monitoring

Drive efficiency with SmartSense’s collaborative system for incident management and cross-team workflows.

Deploys in minutes

Install in minutes with self-provisioning wire-free sensors. Quickly monitor temperature, humidity, and other sensors.

Deployment experience

We partner with our customers to create world-leading systems. We have experience deploying 250 sites per day.


Store & forward technology for lossless monitoring, up to 5-year battery life, IP-67 rated sensors, and AES encryption and certificates.

See SmartSense in action

Watch this series of videos to take a tour of SmartSense for food service.

Food service

How to submit a checklist using the SmartSense Mobile App

This guide provides an overview of the process to create, complete, and submit a digital checklist using the SmartSense Mobile App.

Food service

How to create checklists, tasks, and corrective actions

This video will give a brief overview of the process to create checklists, tasks, and corrective actions within SmartSense.

Food service

How to respond to temperature alerts

This video will give a brief overview of the SmartSense dashboard and tell you everything you need to know as a responder-level user in the foodservice industry.

Get your system up and running quickly with experts from our SmartSTART implementation team

Prevent food safety hazards with SmartSense alerts

SmartSense food safety solutions are purpose-built to address key safety and quality objectives and help keep your customers safe from foodborne illness. Explore how they can be used in restaurants and food service operations.

Gain compliance visibility and improve staff productivity.

A complete system to maintain HACCP compliance and quality.

Ensure proper temperatures while improving end-to-end safety, customer service, and compliance.