SmartSense-Z Gateway

Z Gateway

The Z Gateway is a cellular-based, remote monitoring system that connects to a cellular network via GSM or CDMA. Connect wireless sensors to the Cellular Gateway to remotely monitor temperature, humidity, and more, and configure alerts when conditions fall outside of your set ranges.

Product SKU: TM-CELL4G


Where It's Used

  •  Pharmacies & Vaccine Stores
  •  Supermarkets & Restaurants
  •  Convenience Stores
  •  Supply Chain

Key Features

  •  Plug & Play - No IT required
  •  Add up to 24 Wireless Sensors
  •  Includes Backup Battery (24-48 hrs)
  •  GSM & CDMA Available

How it Works

Remote Monitoring

Product Code:


English Dimensions:

6.62” x 3.30” x 1.10”

Metric Dimensions:

169 x 84 x 28


6.7 ounces (190 grams)

Network Requirements:

LTE Cellular Wireless Signal Coverage Area


24-48 Hours

Device Operating Range:

15ºC to +35ºC (+59ºF to +95ºF)

Temperature Sensor Range:

-20ºC to +60ºC (-4ºF to +140ºF) - optional expanded range -200°C to +600°C probe available (at additional cost)

Temperature error (according to the sensor manufacturer)*:

± 0.5º C (± 1.0º F) between -10ºc and 60ºc

Power Source:

5V 1A

Maximum Wireless Sensors:


Internal Battery

3.7V Li-Ion Rechargeable


Quad Band

Data Log Format:



1 Year

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