Facility Monitoring

Protect walk-in freezers, display racks, and prepared food items around the clock. Implement SmartSense solutions to increase equipment insights for maintenance scheduling.

Enhanced Visibility into Equipment Monitoring and Operational Efficiency

Maintain Quality Control
Remotely monitor and digitally log the
temperature and environmental signatures throughout
every process to maintain product quality.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Streamline costly operational checklists
and reporting. Integrate corrective actions with your existing facility management solution.

Increase Equipment Insights
Collect equipment analytics and other insightful
data points that lead to groundbreaking data-driven
product development.


Scalable Solutions for Facility Monitoring

Z Sensor-B Sensor

Wireless Sensors

SmartSense's wireless sensors offer the world's only 100% wire-free installation with wireless screens for deployment in minutes.

Food Safety Dashboard


SmartSense's dashboard provides you real-time oversight of your monitoring initiatives and visibility into compliance, site performance, and risks.

Z Gateway


SmartSense's cellular gateway offers an instant on drop-in network for you digital food safety solution and requires no complicated IT configuration.

ble temperature  probe

Bluetooth Probe

SmartSense’s Bluetooth Probe provides industry leading reading speed and intuitive feedback for improving productivity.

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