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Simple Concept, Important Monitoring

Feb 22, 2008

Joseph Pasquini of Processor magazine writes:

"Every now and then, a product comes along that may seem quite simple but actually adds quite a bit of value for the user. And while those products may offer a vast array of features and functionality, it’s the applicability of those elements that make them valuable to the owner.

In a world where temperature concerns are major, getting up to read a thermometer every few minutes simply isn’t practical. Realizing this, Harry Schechter, owner of Temperature@lert, endeavored to find a way to bring value and functionality to an otherwise untapped market. Upon analyzing the market, he realized that a slew of industries required temperature alerts, but very few had the technology to do it. By applying logic to an already proven device—a thermometer—Schechter added USB functionality to ensure timely updates on temperature at any time.

As Schechter points out, “Current products on the market are expensive, difficult to set up, and generally overkill for the heart of the problem: temperature changes that damage the things people and companies value.”

Realizing this, Schechter also made sure that Temperature@lert doesn’t succumb to the same factors that have forced many to find alternative resources to monitor temperature. “Temperature@lert, by contrast, is easy to set up and inexpensive,” he notes. In fact, one of the main strategies the company followed during the device’s development stage was to maintain simplicity to improve ease of use and reliability—something most of its competitors have been unable to do..." view the full article and read on...

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