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Jan 16, 2009

Carmi Levy of Processor Magazine highlights our philosophy on data center temperature monitoring:

Although data centers can be complex places, Harry Schechter, founder of Temperature@lert (, says the real answer to improved efficiency lies in simplicity. “Our USB and Wi-Fi products do only one thing: They sense temperature and report alarms via email,” Schechter says. “They’re designed to be set up in minutes so data center managers can get back to the important stuff they do.”

According to Schechter, traditional approaches to data center temperature management often fall short because they are not precise enough to identify small hot spots. “You have to be able to see temperature differentials in many places within your facility,” he says. “This might help you see, for example, if airflow has been inadvertently blocked by a technician. You may think that everything is in good shape, but all it takes is for one cabinet vent to get blocked and then servers start going down.”

Large numbers of inexpensive sensors give data center managers better vision than ever before. This solution was driven by necessity. “A couple of us were running data centers about 10 years ago, and there was nothing inexpensive to see what was going on,” says Schechter. “So we designed a simple circuit and started using it ourselves. Then we started hearing from other people that they had a need for this, too.”

To this day, Temperature@lert retains a tight connection between its engineers and its customers. “We know of no other company selling solutions at this level that puts engineers directly in touch with customers,” Schechter says. “But it is where we connect with customers that our best ideas come from.”

Woo-hoo! - thanks for the encouraging words Carmi!

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