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Temperature@lert Cellular to Be Featured at Adirondack's Home Show

Apr 20, 2010
Temperature@lert will be featured at the 2010 Adirondack Camp and Home Show ( held on June 11-13, 2010 in Old Forge, NY.  The show is held in the heart of the Appalachians in Upstate New York. Networked Property Management  ( will demonstrate to local home owners how Temperature@lert's Cellular Edition can let them know when extreme temperatures threaten their property. The cellular device is powered from a standard home electrical outlet and only needs a cellular signal to provide protection by sending e-mail, text or voice phone messages when homeowner defined temperature limits are reached. If AC power is knocked out, the cellular device continues to operate for one to two weeks on internal batteries providing an additional level of vigilance when heating systems cannot operate.  A graph of temperature readings can be viewed from any web browser, providing an additional level of assurance whenever needed. Look for us at the Networked Property Management booth!

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