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Protecting Motor Homes, RVs And Traveling Pets While On The Road

Feb 09, 2011
Lately we've been getting a lot of notice by RV and motor coach owners regarding our Cellular Edition temperature monitoring system. In November, Temperature@lert issued a press release about a dog show handler and trainer who specializes in Doberman Pincers. Click Here for Full Press Release .

The press release relates the experience of Valerie Stanert of Bakar Dobermans located in Las Vegas, NV. Valerie, an award winning show dog handler uses her Temperature@lert Cellular Edition to monitor the temperature in her A-Class Toy Hauler, a specially configured motor home with a compartment for her pampered pooches. The compartment has a separate AC system to help with her drives through the desert and while parked at dog shows, especially during the summer months. If things go wrong with the AC, Valerie knows she'll get a call and be able to respond before temperatures rise to potentially dangerous levels. And if she wants to check if everything is working well, she uses her free Temperature@lert iPhone app to check on the coach temperature.

Recognizing the importance of protecting pets from elevated temperatures while parked in the campground and away on a day trip, more and more RV and motor home pet owners are using our Cellular Edition temperature monitoring and alerting system. Noticing this trend, this month's Family Motor Coaching Magazine ran a product feature about our Cellular Edition device. To read more about the benefits of cellular temperature monitoring and other interesting articles in Family Motor Coaching, click on this link.

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Happy and safe motoring!

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