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New Cellular Edition Released! Double The Ports = Half The Cost Per Point!

Jul 26, 2011

Designed with four smart sense and control ports and more onboard flash memory, our latest Cellular Edition environmental monitor provides the ability to monitor temperature and other parameters in critical places and in locations without a telephone line or internet connection, such as IT server rooms, bio/pharma vaccine storage and commercial refrigeration. Utilizing cloud-based sensor technology, the Cellular Edition represents an effective, fault-tolerant temperature monitoring and reporting system that broadcasts directly over national cellular networks to help organizations minimize temperature-related asset losses and adhere to regulatory data logging compliance. As an additional benefit, the device notifies users of a power loss or failure to report yet still has the ability to work for up to four weeks on its backup batteries. In the event of an actual temperature-related incident, users can customize who is notified, when and how they are contacted (e.g. text, phone call or email).

Read the full release here or view the product page for more information.

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