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What Do RVs, Pets And Temperature@lert Have In Common? We're All In This Month's MotorHome Magazine

Oct 25, 2011

We have a diverse group of customers, ranging from IT professionals to vacation homeowners to hospitals and medical offices to farms and all tell us how much they appreciate our products. None is more loyal and complementary however than a small but growing, highly complementary flock of pet owners who travel in their RVs and motor homes in the warm summer months.

Author and Chief Content Officer Bob Livingston explains why in the November 2011 issue of MotorHome Magazine, where in his TechSavy Hands On section he describes his experience with RV owners tool of choice, our Cellular Edition. Describing the Cellular Edition as, “a very powerful tool that’s not only fun to use but is also a dandy device for keeping tabs on critical information,” Bob discusses his experience and conclusions after extended testing.

To read more about why the Cellular Edition is attracting more and more loyal RV and motor home customers, especially those traveling with beloved pets, read Bob’s full review at Full MototHome Review

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