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Who's Who Update: Meet Dobroslav "Slava" Slavenskoj, Support Samurai

Aug 20, 2012

Bear evasion and IT support are just two of Slava's skills mastered during his support samurai preparation that began in the quiet north woods of New Hampshire. Equipped with an ALB degree from Harvard, he expeditiously slashes through the Temperature@lert support queue while providing over-the-phone support to users in need. His life code: helping people and seeing the results of his work. When Slava hangs up his katanta for the day, he enjoys hiking, biking, devouring books, wine and beermaking, and playing three musical instruments (but not at the same time) as well as target shooting. Calm and collected in nature, Slava opts for a pleasant 17 Celsius, because Fahrenheit never could catch him.

Welcome to the Temperature@lert Team Slava!

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