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Proper Food Storage

Sep 24, 2012

About three-and-a-half weeks ago, Jeff Rossen from the TODAY Show reported: "Some trucks carry unsafe food, authorities say". This rang into our heads like the piezo on our WIFI devices, we are highly concerned with the proper storage of food whether during storage or transportation. Rossen reported, "A hidden health hazard in some of the food you buy: Authorities say the trucks delivering that food to stores may be putting your family at risk." We are also concerned at the fact that much of this food is being carried to your local grocery stores and restaurants. The only way to avoid getting sick from spoiled food is proper storage, meaning that temperature monitoring is essential to ensuring the safety of your food and you. 

Currently, up to 33% of perishable items are lost during transportation, thanks to logistical flaws and errors. Not to mention the percentage of loss due to improper storage at the retail level. In the food distribution industry, there are about $35 billion in reported losses annually of perishable foods. With the rise of organic foods and such, it has become even more crucial for proper storage. This is where Temperature@lert steps in and saves your food.

Temperature@lert's CELL and WIFI devices can monitor your foods at different points of the cold chain. By using either CELL or WIFI device from processing to transportation to retail, the food can be ensured of proper storage. On the growing level, agriculturalists can use our SOLAR CELL to monitor crop growth without wasting water. Then by using our CELL during transportation, the cargo of perishable food would be monitored without wasting diesel fuel and be able to alert the driver if there maybe a potential disaster. Once it reaches retail level, the restaurateur or grocery store owner, can use the CELL or WIFI to monitor the storage of food before it's either cooked or sold to the consumer. 

Not only would all members of the cold chain be able to protect their foods from spoilage but their consumers can enjoy their food safely without the worry of food-borne illness. To learn more about the food industry and storage, please visit our commercial refrigeration page or request a solution from us. 

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