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Introducing The New Face Of Sensor Cloud

Nov 26, 2012

Just in time to kick-off the winter holiday season, the Temperature@lert team is excited to launch our first-ever open public beta of the new edition of Sensor Cloud! If you are an existing Sensor Cloud user, you can use the new site immediately to view your data, make adjustments to your thresholds, and set-up new reports.

The new site is accessible via: 

New features on the Beta Sensor Cloud include:

- Redesigned and speedier interface

- Multiple user logins for a single account

- Multiple user access levels with role based security

- Improved reports management

Please direct any comments or questions about the new site to:’re excited to hear your feedback on this redesign and any other suggestions you have for us!

If you are not a current Sensor Cloud user, but you have a Temperature@lert device, you can try out Sensor Cloud for 30 days, absolutely free. To sign up click here:

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