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Apr 29, 2016

It’s World Immunization Week and we’re discussing the importance of PQS certification to ensure cold chain effectiveness. PQS certification sets the global standard on effective cold chain equipment, injection devices, and other products needed for safe and effective immunization delivery.


Can the WiFi industry keep up with IoT? There's a strong argument that cellular is the most secure route for enterprise IoT but there’s also the belief that IoT requires a new type of middleware to stay afloat.

New reports shows IoT revenues are up 15%; cloud computing was a big driver of the increase. But as the IoT industry grows, there’s the challenge of ensuring those devices are secure.  Klaus Gheri of Barracuda Networks discusses.

Pharmacy Safety

It’s World Immunization Week and some 60 million people are set to benefit from vaccines in the Americas. In addition, the World Bank approved an IDA credit of $50 million to increase the availability of vaccines for children in Pakistan.

Hundreds of Chinese parents were allegedly detained to prevent them from joining a demonstration in Beijing protesting an illegal vaccine ring that sold expired vaccines. Beyond selling expired vaccines, here are 3 main reasons why millions of children aren’t receiving vaccines.

Food Safety

A study found that the poor on-screen hygiene of many chefs – including not washing their hands and failing to check food is properly cooked – could be responsible for giving fans food poisoning.

Chipotle's long road to recovery comes into focus as sales drop. The restaurant chain posted its first quarterly loss as a public company Tuesday as same-store sales plunged for the second straight quarter.

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