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SmartSense was created to use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help our customers protect the assets most critical to the success of their business.

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End-to-end compliance oversight for the cold chain

Simplify temperature and humidity monitoring in your depots and warehouses. Use SmartSense location-based temperature monitoring in your refrigerated fleet.

SmartSense system and refrigerated trucks

Protect the safety and quality of all product in your cold storage

Get real-time alarm notifications from your fleet while they are in motion

View temperature, path, and location of assets during transit in the yard

Simplify FSMA and CDC compliance with proof of temperature throughout the cold chain

We’ve got you covered

Improve efficiency, safety, customer service, and compliance with SmartSense.

Monitor environments, door opens, and more for critical mobile assets.

Achieve 24/7 protection and real-time alerts for walk-in and chillers.

Insight into product and temperature through an end-to-end system.

Empower your teams to work smarter not harder with SmartSense by Digi®

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Press Release

Schwan's Home Delivery selects SmartSense

SmartSense sensors and software will collect and analyze more than 23 million monthly data points from 3,000 delivery trucks and 300 depot locations with the largest direct-to-home food delivery provider in the United States

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Supply Chain Visibility for Operational Excellence

Get a firsthand look at how SmartSense enables end-to-end visibility into the supply chain …

transportation and logistics

Turning FSMA Mandates into Measurable ROI

Go beyond the mandate and automate your business to realize a real return on investment ...

transportation and logistics

Solving for FSMA Through IoT

As a carrier of perishable products, food distributors now have a legal obligation to ensure goods in their custody and control are not “adulterated” via the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) ...