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Food Service Temperature Monitoring

The food service industry has many complex and strict environmental control processes for temperature, humidity, and other conditions. A fully automated monitoring system helps restaurant chains, school districts, food manufacturing facilities, and many other organizations ensure quality control and regulatory compliance.


Refrigeration & Freezer Temperature Monitoring

State and federal agencies including the FDA, USDA, and others perform compliance audits of food service companies companies to ensure quality control during production, transportation, and storage. Enforced regulations may include the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Regulations often require around-the-clock monitoring at a 15 minute interval, with readings performed by NIST/ISO calibrated sensors. Food services organizations can improve operational efficiency and quality control with timely access to environmental logs, integrated reports, and actionable alerts.

Where our devices are used:

  • Restaurants
  • School Districts
  • Supermarkets
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Convenience Stores
  • Cold Storage Facilities

The SmartSense Difference


  • Actionable Alerts

    Alerts via email, SMS text, and automated phone call to protect your assets around-the-clock.

  • Plug and Play Solution

    Deploy sensor networks in minutes with ease.
 No IT required.

  • Backup Battery and Store & Forward

    Backup Battery and Store & Forward Technology for network outages.* (cellular models only*)

  • NIST Calibration and IQ / OQ / PQ

    Accredited ISO 17025 NIST Calibration and Certification and IQ / OQ / PQ Validation.

  • Intelligent Analytics Platform

    Use Sensor Cloud to view temperature logs, run robust reports, and to leverage compliance features.

  • Integration Teams

    Dedicated account, onboarding, and support teams for custom projects and API integrations.

School Refrigerator Monitoring

James Remete is the Food Service Director for Williamson County Schools in Franklin, TN. He is responsible for all food service activities for the district which includes 40 kitchens offering breakfast and lunch for approximately 32,000 students. All food is prepared on site at each school and serves an average of 20,000 meals per day, almost 3.4 million per year.

The US Department of Agriculture has regulations that the walk-in refrigerator temperatures must be monitored and recorded. SmartSense is a solution to this regulation. SmartSense has WiFi and Cellular Edition products that provide compliance logging and alarms, so if there is a temperature change or a refrigerator failure, thousands of dollars worth of food will not be ruined.

Williamson County has deployed SmartSense's WiFi Edition at many of their schools and plan on adding more to stay in compliance with USDA regulations. During the time, when schools are not in session and no one is in the building, these regulations are still in effect. SmartSense products assist James with the ongoing monitoring of the refrigerators he is required to follow, during these time periods. If James, were not using SmartSense products he would have to physically send someone to each school to record the temperature of the refrigerators. Once these units are set-up, James can go online and get real-time temperatures of each refrigerator. Customers also have the ability to be texted, email or called if the temperature deviates from the ranges you stipulate

James Remete - Food Services Director

“With SmartSense products I am able to monitor the temperatures of the commercial refrigerators on the web. I don’t have to send staff to the schools when they are not open. I also can be alerted if there is a problem with temperatures of any of the refrigerators where we have these units. I researched these products on the web and I found the SmartSense products on the web and they cost thousands of dollars less than other products I researched. I saved the district money on the products and personnel, since I don’t have to send people to the schools when they are shut down.”

Fridge & Freezer Monitoring

In the NYC area, lightning storms and other problems knock out the power several times a year. This causes business owners in the food industry to panic since disruptions in freezer or refrigerator temperatures during storage can cause a major loss of precious inventory and time. During these power outages, owners and employees often must stay late, or return to work late at night, to check and care for their supplies. Enter TempAlert's Cellular Edition.

Cindy Marshall is the owner of Cindy Sue Products, a wholesale distributor of gourmet hors d’oeuvres in New Rochelle, NY. Servicing Westchester, Manhattan, and lower Connecticut, Cindy Sue Products offer the widest selection of hors d’oeuvres in the metropolitan NYC area. Cindy needed an easy-to-use mobile temperature sensor that didn’t rely on traditional computer networks, and she found just that in the TempAlert Cellular Edition. Now during power outages, Cindy monitors the state of her inventory from her phone while she’s in her delivery van taking care of customers or at home.

Cindy Marshall

“We recently had to expand our refrigeration to an offsite location. Because we wanted to be sure the refrigeration unit was operating reliably but could not easily connect to a computer network or monitoring system, we looked for a cost-effective solution to keep tabs on our products. After a lot of research, we discovered Temperature@lert’s Cellular Edition. Not only did it fit our needs perfectly but it was simple to set up. I plugged the unit in and it worked! I set my unit to report in every 15 minutes. If I want, I can log onto the Temperature@lert server from anywhere at any time to check the temperature history and alert status.”

“This is a real time saver. If there is a problem, now instead of having to drive out to see if everything is OK, I can view what’s happening from home or on my Blackberry. I tell all my customers what a great product the Temperature@lert sensor is."


USDA School Food Storage

Thom Spicer works for the Dickson County Board of Education Computer in Dickson, TN. He is a Computer Technician, School Nutrition Specialist and has more than four years experience in school nutrition. He is responsible for making sure the walk-in coolers and freezers in the schools meet the US Department of Agriculture regulations.

Thom came to SmartSense, on the recommendation of Williamson County Schools in Franklin, TN. He has deployed 27 WiFi units to help him monitor the temperature in this walk-in coolers and freezers in his school district. There is one unit for each school. One of the key benefits for Thom is when there is a problem he is messaged about it as is the cafeteria manager and the maintenance department. Once the staff is notified of the problem, they can check out what the issue is and start repairs right away. Thom can then follow up on the issue.
The US Department of Agriculture has regulations that the walk-in refrigerator temperatures must be monitored and recorded. SmartSense is a solution to this regulation. SmartSense has WiFi and Cellular Edition products that provide compliance logging and alarms, so if there is a temperature change or a refrigerator failure, thousands of dollars worth of food will not be ruined.

Thom Spicer - Computer Technician

“SmartSense products have done an outstanding job for use in terms of monitoring the temperature in the refrigeration in our schools. The products are easy to deploy and the staff has been amazing to work with. The TempAlert products allow us to meet the US Department of Agriculture requirements.”"


Walk-In Temperature Monitoring

Opening a restaurant each morning brings all kinds of surprises. One fretful morning, the prep crew of Pipeline Restaurant Inc’s Burger Shack walked right into a disaster - the large walk-in refrigerator in charge of keeping the cool side cool quit working during the night. Thousands of dollars of inventory had to be thrown out. Worse yet, while waiting for new inventory to arrive, customers had to be turned away.

Pipeline Restaurant turned to Temperature@lert for help and placed our cellular temperature monitors on critical walk-in refrigerators and freezers at their Burger Shack and Caliente Mexican Grill locations in Rhode Island. Each cellular temperature monitor transmits the current interior temperature of the walk-ins back to the 24/7 Sensor Cloud monitoring system. The moment any walk-in refrigerator gets too warm, Pipeline Restaurant Inc.‘s management team is alerted via telephone and email to take action.

Ben Wood- CEO

“Walk-in refrigerators fail more often than you’d think. With Temperature@lert, we can correct the problem before it adversely impacts our business. Anyone who has ever experienced a refrigeration failure will agree that this is a no-brainer purchase. Plus, the system took less than a minute to setup. You just plug it into AC power and it begins monitoring the temperature wirelessly - we didn’t even need to run a phone line or setup internet access for the devices. We then used the Sensor Cloud website to configure our alerts to be sent to myself and our HVAC/R repair shop. Now, the problem is fixed before it impacts our business. I love these devices!”"


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